Team Manager Position

The following addresses the scope, tasks and expectations of a Team Manager volunteering within the Sky Volleyball Club. This is not a registered team staff roster position.

  • To liaise with the coach and send out email correspondence to the parents and players as deemed necessary by the coach.
  • To transfer email correspondence from the club coordinator on to the parents and players.
  • All correspondence to the club coordinator must be done through the coach or team manager. Any concerns from parents must first be brought to the attention of the coach and/or team manager and if further information is required, it will be initiated by the coach or manager.
  • Coordinate pickup and distribution of team uniforms and team apparel items.
  • To collect any monies or forms from players/parents throughout the season as required and transfer them to either the coach or the coordinator as required.
  • To follow and execute all hotel bookings as per the club pre-booking. There is no option to change these bookings as they are directed by many factors (Volleyball BC, requirements set for standards of security/safety of players, hotel affiliations that provide funding to the Club in the form of end of season rebates, team building by staying at the same hotels, etc.) Coach/player hotel rooms are included in fees and paid by the club (not nationals). Provide rooming lists to club coordinator at least two weeks before travel. The manager is to forward the emails sent from the club coordinator to the parents that remind them to book their rooms by the deadline or the reservation blocks will be released. Team manager rooms are not covered.
  • To coordinate rides to games and tournaments or delegate this to another parent.
  • To liaise with the coordinator regarding any fundraising activities and monies spent from these funds.
  • To collect uniforms at the end of season and wash them before returning them to the club coordinator.