Team Manager Position

Thank you for taking on the role of Team Manager!

The two main goals of the Team Manager are to:

  1. Handle the majority of the administrative-type, behind-the-scenes duties for the Coach(es) so they can focus on the kids,
  2. Be a buffer for the team with the Club Coordinator. This way only one person per team is asking the Club Coordinator questions instead of all twelve families. Generally speaking, if one family is wondering something, others are as well.

The following is an outline of the scope, tasks and expectations of the Team Manager role:

  • Liaise with the Coach(es) and send out email correspondence to parents and players as deemed necessary by the Coach(es).
  • Transfer email correspondence from the Club Coordinator on to the parents and players (tournament/game/event info etc).
  • Enter game/tournament/event details into TeamSnap as they are provided to you via the Club Coordinator.
  • Keep track of each family‚Äôs volunteer points/time using the spreadsheet provided to you from the Club Coordinator.
    • This spreadsheet will be returned to the Club Coordinator at the end of the season.
    • Collect the post-dated Volunteer Policy deposit cheques for the team and forward them to the Club Coordinator.
  • Ensure each game has volunteer score keepers and linesmen (usually parents) as required.
  • Coordinate pickup and distribution of team uniforms and team apparel items.
    • Collect and hold post-dated jersey deposit cheques.
  • Collect any monies or forms from players/parents throughout the season as required and transfer them to either the Coach(es) or the Club Coordinator as instructed.
  • Coordinate rides to games/tournaments or delegate this to another parent.
  • Liaise with the Club Coordinator regarding any fundraising activities and monies spent from these funds.
  • Collect uniforms at the end of the season, wash and return them to the Club Coordinator.
    • Return or destroy the post-dated jersey deposit cheques for all jerseys returned in good repair.
    • Forward damaged (or notification of missing) jerseys with the post-dated cheque to the Club Coordinator.

PDF Version: Team Manager Position 2020