Do I need to tryout?

You do need to tryout to be selected to a Sky team. We try our best to place as many athletes as possible on teams. If we have a large number of athletes trying out in a specific age group, we will do our best to run more teams at that age group. There will be some cuts due to the need to operate full teams of 10 players or more. Other opportunities to play volleyball are offered through camps & clinics throughout the year.

When are Team Selections?

Tryouts will start in mid-November and run into early December. Please visit the Registration page for more information. The homepage of the website also features a pdf of the Team Selection dates.

Sky teams are posted the week following the evaluations/tryouts.

Do I need experience to make a team?

Athletes are encouraged to tryout regardless of skill level. At the younger levels we select teams based on future potential as well as current skill.

Ages 12U-13U are all equal teams. We evaluate all players and form equal teams based on evaluations.

Age 14U will be up for discussion with coaches following evaluations. This will depend on total number of players and strengths.

Ages 15-18U will be tiered based on skill level; and a team of evaluators, working with the specific coaches will determine these teams.

How much are registration fees?

Please visit our individual Team Sheets pages for more information on each age-group.

When are fees due?

Fees are due, in full, by the first week of tryouts. Payment arrangements can be made by reaching out to the Club Coordinator.

What do registration fees cover?

Each age group Team Sheet will outline what is included in that age group's fees. These differ depending on the number of travel days, coaches, uniform & apparel costs, hotels, VBC fees and so on.

When are uniforms issued?

Uniforms and Player Kits are issued in mid-late January. We submit our order shortly after teams are selected, and typically it is a month before we receive everything back. We make every effort to have these distributed before the first official tournament or league day.

Where will my practices be?

Most practices will be held at Elementary/High Schools in the Greater Vernon area. Practice times are mainly week nights after 5pm and end before 10pm and occasionally on Sundays. These times may vary depending on gym availability. Practices are posted on the Team Sheets. There is some flexibility once we select our teams, and we work with coaches to fine-tune what works. High school gyms open up after basketball season, and some older age-group teams move into high schools (for higher ceilings) mid-season.

What is a Red Shirt?

A reduced fee is offered to Red Shirt (practice) players. Please see our Policies section for our full Red Shirt Policy. Top tiered teams at 15U-AA to 18U-AA will generally not carry Red Shirts. This varies season-to-season depending on numbers.

When will games/tournaments be?

You will be provided with a detailed schedule for the season that will include practice times, league games, tournaments and provincials.

A general outline is provided now on each age group Team Sheet for your planning.

What about Nationals?

We plan for our Tier-1 (AA) 16-18U teams to attend Nationals each season. Nationals registration (only) is included in these teams fees. Hotels & all travel costs for Nationals is not covered, and we raise as much money as possible through our Sky Nationals Gala to help offset some of these costs.

Other teams may be permitted to attend (at full team expense) and this is determined on an individual team basis.

Where do I find the most updated schedules?

Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada website links are always the best source for the most up-to-date schedules for tournaments, Provincials and Nationals. A direct link to those websites has been placed on the homepage. These are also listed on the age-group Team Sheets.

Who do I contact if I have a question about playing time?

Your coach.

Are there programs that offer financial assistance for physical activity programs for families in need?

These resources and direct links to their websites are at the bottom of our homepage. Click on their logos to be taken to their sites.