Sky Volleyball Club Objectives include:

  1. To ensure every athlete gets a fair evaluation by a variety of coaches.
  2. That every athlete has a positive fun experience.
  3. To place as many players on teams as possible, depending on qualified coaches and facilities available.


How many teams will be in my age group?

Our objective is to place as many players on teams as possible and give everyone an opportunity to play. Early registration helps us determine our numbers, and place coaches for each team. We cannot guarantee the number of teams Sky Volleyball will run in 2018, until after tryouts and the withdrawal date has passed.

Who evaluates me at tryouts?

“Evaluation Teams” of 7-8 coaches are selected for each age group. These teams typically consist of former and current coaches of that age group, as well as new evaluators. We work to get a balance. A player’s history is important, but every player gets a fresh look.

What are you looking for?

We follow the LTAD Long Term Athlete Development/Volleyball Canada model and guidelines as to what the Evaluation Team will be looking for. This criterion will be reviewed by our Evaluation Team before each tryout session.

What happens at tryouts?

Players are evaluated for technical skill, athletic ability, the potential for improvement, communication, team play and so on.  Evaluations forms are collected, compiled, and players are ranked for their age group. We do not share these evaluation forms with Sky parents or players.

How do you allocate players to teams?

The coaches of each age-group meet with members of the Sky Board, including the Club President and Director of Coaching to review the results and roster players to teams. Evaluation results are used for ranking the players. Equal teams are built for age groups 12-14U. 15-18U teams are placed on A or AA teams based on the evaluations and the input from the coaching staff.

Why am I asked “what position I play”?

For the older age groups, our coaches have the final input on which players he/she needs to form a cohesive and competitive team. We attempt to balance the best interests of the athlete with the best interests of the team. A player’s first choice of position may not be available to them on a certain team, and we may contact players to discuss alternative positions available.

What if I want to play in an older age group?

Our “Playing in an Older Age Group” policy is posted on our website. We use this in limited circumstances and only if the criteria are followed.

Our evaluation process, combined with the coach’s input and experience, is designed to ensure the best result possible. Many clubs have moved to a “pre-signing” model.

At Sky Volleyball we continue to be committed to an open tryout process.