COVID-19 has slowed our season planning.
2021 season details will be added and updated here when we know more.

Stay tuned!


Our latest season update can be found here:


Athlete Applications Are Now Open!
2021 Season Update @ Nov 16 v2


November 16th Gym Update
At this time, we have not yet confirmed any gym time; however, we have a couple solid leads that have us hopeful and excited.
Schedules and the number of teams we're able to run is dependent on the gym time we secure. We expect to know more by the end of November.


2021 Season Update @ Oct 21st






2020 Team Rosters

12U GIRLS - 2020 Rosters

13U GIRLS - 2020 Rosters

14U GIRLS - 2020 Rosters

15U GIRLS - 2020 Rosters

16U GIRLS - 2020 Rosters

17U GIRLS - 2020 Rosters

18U GIRLS - 2020 Roster


12/13U BOYS - 2020 Team List

14U BOYS - 2020 Roster

15U BOYS - 2020 Roster

16U BOYS - 2020 Roster

17/18U BOYS - 2020 Roster

18U BOYS - 2020 Roster


2020 Practice Schedule

Click HERE for the 2020 Practice Summary Sheet!

2020 Sky Team Sheets

Click on age-group below for detailed League/Tournament/Practice Schedules & Fees

12U GIRLS (Born 2008 or later)

13U GIRLS (Born 2007)

14U GIRLS (Born 2006)

15U GIRLS (Born 2005)

16U GIRLS (Born 2004)

17U GIRLS (Born 2003)

18U GIRLS (Born 2002)

12U BOYS (Born 2008 or later)

13U BOYS (Born 2007)

14U BOYS (Born 2006)

15U BOYS (Born 2005)

16U BOYS (Born 2004)

17U BOYS (Born 2003)

18U BOYS (Born 2002)

Balance of registration fees is due by Monday, January 6th, 2020.  Team rosters/selections will be posted by December 11th.

If required, please contact to arrange for post-dated payments (three payments: Jan 6, Jan 31, Feb 28, at a minimum). The full balance must be paid by February 29, 2020.  Installment payments must be arranged by January 6th please.

Registration Deposit

$150 - Due upon registration submission.
$25 is a tryout fee, with the balance of $125 being applied to team fees if selected for a team (or otherwise refunded).  This fee must be received before the first scheduled tryout date.  Withdrawal date for refund of deposit (less $25 tryout fee) is December 10th, 2019.

Uniform Deposit

For all players 14U and younger, a $50 cheque is required as a uniform deposit. This cheque is to be post dated to May 1st, 2020. It will be returned (uncashed) when your athlete’s jersey is returned clean and in good shape (minus normal wear and tear). Your athlete will not be assigned a uniform (and will not be able to play) until this post-dated cheque is received by the club.