Emergency Contacts

  • Jeremy Wilson (President) - Mobile #403.993.1011
  • Cory Hoard (Vice President) - Mobile #250.307.8406
  • Travis Kiel (Director of Equipment) - Mobile #778.212.0730


  • For Coaches - Network Name TELUS1370, Password Vo!1eyball.
  • For Players - Network Name #TELUS, Free Hot Spot.

Gateway iPad

  • Password is 500000.
  • Don’t remove from the facility and please leave it’s charger/cord as well.
  • Put back above 1st Aid Kit and plug in when not using.
  • It’s BlueTooth connected to “Lani”, the speaker above the bathrooms. If you want to play music, go into the Spotify App, select your music and play away.  Volume controls on the iPad control the volume on the speaker.  Please don’t turn up too loud as there are neighbors next door 🙂  Sometimes the iPad gets disconnected from the speaker…..if so, just go to “Settings, Bluetooth and select MHC-V71” to reconnect.

Court TV’s

  • Remotes to turn on/off are located on a shelf just under the TV’s, in behind the plexiglass.
  • They are connected to the WiFi network through a Roku Media Streamer. You can control media through the Roku App if you’re on the WiFi (TELUS1370).
  • Each TV is labeled as either “Blue Court” or “White Court”.
  • You can also “Screen Share” from your iPhone if you’re connected to the WiFi (TELUS1370 noted above). Select the applicable device (Roku Blue Court or Roku White Court) when prompted and when connecting for the first time you’ll have to enter a password that is displayed on the TV.
  • You can also “Screen Share” from the Gateway iPad which is already setup to do so. Just pick the appropriate court and away you go.  ***Note, If you’re playing music on “Lani” and switch to “Screen Share” the music will play on the TV.  You can’t do both at the same time.

Lights & Fans

  • No need to turn on/off throughout including bathrooms. Lights are on a motion sensor and come on automatically and will turn off themselves after 20 minutes of no motion.
  • Ceiling Fans are left on full time to keep air flowing.
  • Fans on top of the racking are used as needed to help with extra airflow.

Front Doors

  • The entry door is setup in a “full time locked position”. Enter your code to unlock the door and turn the handle to open.  It will only stay open for 2 seconds and lock again.
  • The exit door is setup in a “full time locked position” with no option for entry.
  • Speaking of doors, please keep the back doors shut at all times to keep debris from getting on the court floor.

Demising Nets

  • Please keep Lobby Demising Nets closed during practice/game play. This will keep balls from ricocheting around the front lobby area.  We’ve had numerous food and/or drink spills throughout the bins/racks which is a pain to clean up.  We also want to prolong the life of the Water Bottle Filler which shouldn’t be exposed to balls colliding into it.


  • Supplies are in the Tall Cabinet of the Lobby by the Front Door.
  • It’s a good habit to have the floor swept regularly. There is a large broom located in the corner by the bay door for each court.  The broom will leave debris behind when it gets dirty.  There is a ShopVac in the cleaning supplies cabinet that can be used to clean the broom.  Plug-ins are located to the side of each serving area.
  • Bathroom Paper Towel is tricky to change out from the dispenser so please let one of us know and we’ll take care of it.
  • Front Lobby floors are cleaned by vacuuming the floor/carpets and then Wet Swiffering. The Swiffer is located in the corner by the ladder and cleaning pads are in the cabinet.
  • Garbages emptied would be taken outside to the community bin. The key to unlock the padlocks for the gate & bin lid is located on the inside of the cabinet to the upper left.  Put back when done.
  • A small broom & dustpan is located in the corner by the ladder to sweep up if needed.