Sky Volleyball is a not-for-profit organization serving athletes aged 12-18 in the North Okanagan region. With over 250 athletes and 35 coaches, we are one of the largest volleyball clubs in British Columbia.

Our teams participate in Volleyball BC leagues, tournaments, and Provincial Championships. Our older age-group teams also compete at the Volleyball Canada National Championships each year. Our season operates from January through May (depending on the level of play), with tryouts held between late November and early December.

Sky Volleyball offers a safe learning environment for athletes, and a place where they can strive to be their best. We have invested substantially in our teams and athletes through skill development, coaching development and opportunities to compete with the best in the province.

Our Board of Directors and Coaching Staff are comprised of an experienced team of community members who bring a broad perspective to the club. We understand that success is built on relationships with athletes, parents and coaches and we are committed to maintaining these relationships, and creating a positive and inspiring atmosphere for all of our Sky Nation members.


Sky Manifesto

SKY COACHES provide our athletes with the best opportunity for a positive, meaningful, and memorable volleyball experience.

SKY ATHLETES are physically, mentally, and emotionally committed to being the best for their teammates and coaches.

SKY PARENTS help their child have a great athletic experience by releasing them to the game, the team, the coach and the experience.


Sky Volleyball Club provides a positive and inspiring sports experience that creates better young athletes and citizens.


Sky Volleyball Club supports athletes in their pursuit of excellence in volleyball; this includes promoting participation in the sport, high standards of skill development, knowledge of the game, sportsmanship, and citizenship.


We instill a love for the sport that encourages participation at all levels of play.

We promote ethical behavior, fair play and respect for all participants.

We expect commitment to our club and our values by all members.

We set the highest targets and standards for our club and our members


Hello Sky Nation,

I apologize in advance for the lengthy note, but it’s important to try and get as much information out to you in advance of the upcoming Club Season, hopefully answering any questions you may have.

Thank you for sending in your Volleyball BC Athlete Application for the 2022 Club Season. We received a total of 363 applications, proving that the North Okanagan is truly a hub for Youth Volleyball. FUN FACT: Did you know Sky Volleyball is the 2nd
largest Club in all of BC?!?!

Ok, so what’s next? Before we get into that, please don’t take your attention away from the School Volleyball Season. Many of you are playing on your school team and that should be your focus over the next month while that season finishes up. Wear your
School colours proud, have fun and good luck! Don’t forget to thank your Coaches for volunteering their time and of course, don’t forget your parents for providing you the opportunity to play while being your biggest fan!!!

Your SVC Board & Club Coordinator have been working overtime putting the final details together for the 2022 Club Season. We are super excited to get back on the court and back into competition. We all missed the competition part of the 2021 Club
Season, and for that matter, the majority of the 2020 season as well. It just hasn’t been the same without seeing our athletes on the court, hearing the referees whistle and taking in the player/crowd cheers.

Registration for Evaluations will take place over the next few weeks and will be segmented into three groups:

  • Group 1 - 12U (2010), 13U (2009), 14U (2008)
  • Group 2 - 15U (2007)
  • Group 3 - 16U (2006), 17U (2005), 18U (2004)

Please don’t confuse the groups with whom you’ll be evaluating with. Each age group will have it’s own evaluation schedule. The split is purely from a logistics perspective to help spread out the workload and coincides with Volleyball BC’s “Season of Play”.
Younger kids finish their school season earlier and this allows us to start evaluations earlier for them.

You will receive an email from our Club Coordinator, Jody Marginson, with information on how to Register for Evaluation’s. Please make sure you read all of the details in both her note and the actual registration through TeamSnap. There are a number of Sky
Volleyball Club and Volleyball BC Policy’s that need to be acknowledged during this process. Your registration payment must be submitted prior to the first evaluation date.

“Team Info Sheets” will be posted on our Website ( in the next couple of days, as we’re still working through some details for each team.  Unfortunately Volleyball BC has not firmed up their competition schedule (League Days,
Tournaments) and subsequently those event fees for the season. This makes it very difficult for us to finalize the competition part of the fee structure. As a result, we are going to break the fee into two parts this season; “Base” and “Competition”.

The “Base” fee will include the following:

  • Training Sessions (facility cost and equipment)
  • Apparel Kit; Backpack, Hoodie, Jersey (x2 for HP Teams), T-Shirts (x2) and Socks (x2)
  • Coach’s Registration with Volleyball BC
  • Coach’s Education with Volleyball Canada
  • Administration Fees

The “Competition” fee will include the following:

  • Volleyball BC Event Fee (each team participates in a variety of events and the number of events is different by age group, gender and team level)
  • Coach’s Hotel & Per Diem for out-of-town events

For those who’ve been with Sky in previous years, you will notice that there will be NO player travel (transportation, hotels, food etc) included in the team fees this season. There are still too many unknowns with COVID-19 requirements for us to work this into
the fee structure. Each team will coordinate player travel with their team manager.

Evaluations will look a little different this year:

  • They will take place at our Gateway facility which is going to be fantastic as we won’t be under a time crunch to get through all of the player’s. We can split the larger groups into more manageable sizes making it more user friendly for our Evaluators.
  • We’re including an evaluation T-Shirt (part of the registration fee) which will have random #’s on it making it easier to spot player’s on the court. It will be mandatory for every player to wear the evaluation T-Shirt and you will keep the T-Shirt afterwards. No more sharpie’s on the thigh’s!!!
  • Our HP Team selection for several of the larger (# of player’s) age groups will include a scrimmage session. The top 24 player’s identified through the skill evaluations will be invited to the scrimmage session to help finalize the teams.

The Evaluations process is hard for everyone involved; Players, Parents, Coaches, Evaluators, Board Members etc. Please understand that we are trying our best to place players on teams based upon a multitude of criteria; Skillset, Attitude, Position, Future
Opportunity, Commitment etc. These decisions aren’t taken lightly and undoubtedly there will be some players who are upset. Parents, please be ready to support your player!

Following Evaluations, Offer Letters will be sent out (via email) to all players who made teams. It is important that the decision to accept an offer (send signed offer letter back) be made in a timely manner as there may be other players who can fill your spot
if you decide not to proceed.

After teams are finalized, all players will be rostered in TeamSnap and the Base Fee Invoice will be created with payment due January 9th. Just a reminder that Sky Volleyball Club is a Non-Profit organization with it’s Board Members & Coaches being 100% Volunteer. The fees for all programming cover the costs to run that program and your prompt payment is appreciated by the entire membership.
Thank you and see you on the court very soon!

Jeremy Wilson
President, Sky Volleyball Club


Aside from Jeremy's note above, please, pretty please, only register for evaluations/try outs if YOUR age group is open.  The registrations are staggered for ease of administration, and in team snap.  So parents, when U12/13/14 opens, please don’t get click happy and register older siblings, say in U16,  just because their age group isn’t open yet. It really really messes things up on our end, and I would prefer not to have to email you reminding you of this! I promise, everyone who registers for try outs will get a fair spot at try outs! Just please don’t register outside of your age group. You’re time will come, please be patient!



Sky Club Coordinator