Sky Volleyball Club provides a positive and inspiring sports experience that creates better young athletes and citizens.


Sky Volleyball Club supports athletes in their pursuit of excellence in volleyball; this includes promoting participation in the sport, high standards of skill development, knowledge of the game, sportsmanship, and citizenship.


We instill a love for the sport that encourages participation at all levels of play.

We promote ethical behavior, fair play and respect for all participants.

We expect commitment to our club and our values by all members.

We set the highest targets and standards for our club and our members.



Sky Manifesto

SKY COACHES provide our athletes with the best opportunity for a positive, meaningful, and memorable volleyball experience.

SKY ATHLETES are physically, mentally, and emotionally committed to being the best for their teammates and coaches.

SKY PARENTS help their child have a great athletic experience by releasing them to the game, the team, the coach and the experience.


What People are saying about Sky Volleyball

When my daughter tried out for club volleyball, I was hesitant because in rep sports you often deal with people that have very different views about sports, health and overall balance in a young person’s life. For me what really matters is that my daughter is happy and does her best, and I can wholeheartedly say that she loves her club, the game, her teammates and her coach.

This year’s atmosphere and training are doing absolute wonders for her!

My daughter is a different person, player & friend with her teammates & it is all thanks to you & the positive spirit you bring to each of the girls. As parents I know we all appreciate the time you take to plan, prepare & reflect on all the aspects of this sport you have such a contagious passion for on & off the court.

My daughter just finished telling us what a great weekend she had playing, getting to know her teammates and how awesome the coaching was!